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14 november

eliza the brilliant told me about kate carraway and so i am steadily working through her girls archive instead of doing my actual work (why do i always find myself here, in THIS place) and while it’s all VERY IMPORTANT, this is the piece i will offer to you here:

“If you’re queerly into the whole twee worldview, or like me are a never-to-recover book nerd in the direction of The Secret Garden and The Little Princess, may I suggest the following? Wear a long, white cotton nightie outside on the lawn at dusk. Play badminton, drink a Tom Collins, “frolic.” The idea of jeans is absurd now, isn’t it?”

11 november

“Generally speaking I have a lot of flow in my life; i.e., I don’t experience big partitions between being a writer or a person or a dinner-maker or a partner or a parent or a teacher or a reader and so on. So I guess I feel that I wear one hat, it’s just capacious.”

- maggie nelson on how I would like to be on salon

23 october

poems by sandra doller on triple canopy especially the first one about our tiny rottens, having to stop stop

one v good email from paris review included:

It’s hard to be against this miracle. 

By Alejandro Zambra, Translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell

the mostly blind Polish lady unknowingly living with dwarves and princesses behind her garlic, 

By Sabrina Orah Mark

“magic eggs or beans or cakes. Usually there is hunger and a dead mother. Usually there is a witch.”

“as a child, Trefusis talked “in Paris slang like the urchins of Montmartre.” and she didn’t deserve anyone’s pity…both her grandfathers had titles.

17 july

article by ever-favorite Matt Zoller Seitz about Hannah Gadsby and the changing face of comedy/art/politics/privilege

this, by ever-brilliant George Saunders, which does same thing as horse metaphor from aforementioned piece

MY NEW MOST HERO AAAAHHHHHHH:KLFJO#LS:N:SKjrgaehuhrgjewr,epoewole and this companion interview, my favorite type of literary phenomenon, the I-Have-Shamelessly-Fallen-In-Love-With-My-Subject-Hear-Me-Roar-To-The-Stars-Their-Praises-With-No-Regard-For-Bias-Because LOVE IS BIGGER 

omfg and her take on it, on “stars and flowers”

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